Department of Egyptology and Assyriology

PhD Degrees Awarded

  • Sara Mohr

    Secrecy, Protection, and Foundations of Knowledge in Ancient Mesopotamia - Assyriology
    Year Awarded 2022
    Currently Digital Scholarship Librarian, Hamilton College
  • Victoria Almansa Villatoro

    Between Social Identity and Royal Ideology: an Analysis of Communication and Persuasion in Old Kingdom Egyptian Letters and Decrees
    Year Award 2022
    Currently Junior Research Fellow, Society of Fellows, Harvard University
  • Zachary Rubin

    The Scribal God Nabû in Ancient Assyrian Religion and Ideology - Assyriology
    Year Awarded 2021
    Currently Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellow, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Christian Casey

    Setne & Siosire: An Exploration of the Demotic Script
    Year Awarded 2020
    Currently Postdoctoral Researcher, The Zodiac Research Project, The Freie Universität Berlin
  • Margaret Geoga

    Receptions of a Middle Egyptian Poem: A Textual and Material Study of "the Teaching of Amenemhat" in the New Kingdom
    Year Awarded 2020
    Currently University of Pennsylvania, Wolf Humanities Center Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities
  • Silvia Nigrelli

    The Semantics of Derived Verbs: A New Look at Old Egyptian Morphology
    Year Awarded 2020
  • Federico Zangani

    The Origin of the Amarna International System: Egyptian Imperialism in the Norther Levant and Geopolitical Dynamics in the late Bronze Age
    Year Awarded 2020
    Currently Czech Institute of Egyptology, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Jessica Tomkins

    Provincial Mastabas and the Expression of Elite Power: A Study of Two Upper Egyptian Provinces in the Old Kingdom - Egyptology
    Year Awarded 2020
    Currently Assistant Professor of History, Wofford College
  • Emily Drennan

    The Rise of 'Private' Rule in Upper Egypt: The Transition of the Theban Government from the Twentieth to the Twenty-First Dynasty - Egyptology
    Year Awarded 2019
    Currently PACE Organization of Rhode Island
  • Zackary Wainer

    The Series if the Moon at its Appearance and Mesopotamian Scholarship 1st M - Assyriology
    Year Awarded 2016
    Currently Project Leader, Boston Consulting Group
  • M. Willis Monroe

    Advice from the Stars: The Micro-zodiac in Seleucid Babylonia - Assyriology
    Year Awarded 2016
    Currently Research Associate - Associate Director, Database of Religious History, University of British Columbia
  • Emily Russo MacIntosh

    Tracking Religious Thought Through Image and Text - Egyptology
    Year Awarded 2016
    Currently Development Writer at Jamestown Rediscovery Foundation
  • Amanda Zahedi (née Davis)

    Egyptian and Minoan Relations during the Eighteenth Dynasty/Late Bronze Age - Egyptology
    Year Awarded 2016
    Currently Medford Public Schools
  • Yuzhen Guan

    The Treatment of Eclipses in Early Chinese Astral Sciences - History of the Exact Sciences in Antiquity
    Year Awarded 2015
    Currently Research Professor, University of Science & Technology, China
  • Kathryn Howley

    The Royal Pyramid Tombs of Nuri: Cultural Interaction between Nubia and Egypt in the Middle Napatan Period - Egyptology
    Year Awarded 2015
    Currently Lila Acheson Wallace Assistant Professor of Ancient Egyptian Art, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University
  • Julia Troche

    Origins of Apotheosis in Ancient Egypt - Egyptology
    Year Awarded 2015
    Currently Assistant Professor, Missouri State University
  • Sung Hwan Yoo

    Patterns of Ancient Egyptian Child Deities - Egyptology
    Year Awarded 2012
    Currently Senior Researcher at the Institute of Humanities, Seoul National University
  • In Memoriam: Ramadan Badry Hussein

    The Saite Pyramid Texts Copies in the Memphite and Heliopolitan Shaft-Tombs: A Study of Their Selection and Layout - Egyptology
    Year Awarded 2009
    Formerly Project Director, 26th Dynasty tombs at Saqqara
  • Toke L. Knudsen

    The Siddhāntasundara of Jñānarāja: A critical edition of select chapters with English translation and commentary – History of Mathematics
    Year Awarded 2008
    Currently Associate Professor of Mathematics, State University of Oneonta
  • Emily O'Dell

    Excavating the Emotional Landscape of Ancient Egyptian Literature – Egyptology
    Year Awarded 2008
    Currently Associate Professor at Sichuan University-Pittsburgh Institute in China
  • Kelly-Anne Diamond

    Ancient Egyptian funerary ritual: the term ḥ3i – Egyptology
    Year Awarded 2007
    Currently Assistant Teaching Professor of History and Faculty Advisor, Villanova University
  • Jessica Lévai

    Aspects of the goddess Nephthys, especially during the Graeco-Roman period in Egypt – Egyptology
    Year Awarded 2007
    Job Placement Visiting Lecturer, Bridgewater State University
  • Micah Ross

    Horoscopic ostraca from Medinet Madi – History of Mathematics
    Year Awarded 2006
    Currently Professor, Sacred Heart Apostolic School
  • Kwaw (formerly Andreas Wood) Imana

    A grammatical analysis of the late Demotic take Setne II (Pappyrus BM EA 10822) – Egyptology
    Year Awarded 2006
    Currently Founder, Wilson Baker Academy for Excellence and Achievement
  • Clemency Williams (née Montelle)

    Eclipse theory in the ancient world – History of Mathematics
    Year Awarded 2005
    Currently Professor of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
  • Mariam Ayad

    The funerary texts of Amenirdis I: Analysis of their layout and purpose – Egyptology
    Year Awarded 2003
    Currently Associate Professor of Egyptology, American University in Cairo, Egypt
  • Setsuro Ikeyama

    The Brāhmasphuṭasiddhānta Chapter 21 with the Commentary of Pṛthūdakasvāmin – History of Mathematics
    Year Awarded 2002
    Currently Kyotanabe, Kyoto, Japan
  • Robert Lopilato

    The Apotelesmatika of Manetho – History of Mathematics
    Year Awarded 1998
  • Kim Leslie Plofker

    Mathematical Approximation By Transformation of Sine Functions in Medieval Sanskrit Astronomical Texts – History of Mathematic
    Year Awarded 1995
    Currently Associate Professor of Mathematics, Union College
  • Takanori Kusuba

    Combinatorics and magic squares in India: A study of Nārāyana Pandita’s Ganitakaumudī Chapters 13–14 – History of Mathematics
    Year Awarded 1993
    Currently Professor, Osaka University of Economics, Japan
  • Stephen Evan Thompson

    A lexicographic and iconographic analysis of anointing in ancient Egypt – Egyptology
    Year Awarded 1991
    Currently Coral Springs, FL
  • Takao Hayashi

    The Bakhshālī manuscript – History of Mathematics
    Year Awarded 1985
    Currently Professor of History of Science, Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan
  • Alexander Jones

    Book 7 of Pappus’s Collection: Edition, translation, and commentary – History of Mathematic
    Year Awarded 1985
    Currently Leon Levy Director, Professor of the History of the Exact Sciences in Antiquity, Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University
  • Jacques Sesiano

    The Arabic text of books IV to VII of Diophantus’ Arithmētika in the translation of Ousṭā ibn Lūqā, edited with translation and commentary – History of Mathematics
    Year Awarded 1975
    Job Placement Lecturer, École doctorale, Mathématiques, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland {Emeritus]
  • Peter Christopher Solon

    The Hexapterygon of Michael Crysokokkes edited, translated, and annotated – History of Mathematics
    Year Awarded 1968
  • Bernard Raphael Goldstein

    The commentary of Ibn al-Muthanna to the astronomical tables of al-Khwarizmi – History of Mathematics
    Year Awarded 1963
    Job Placement University Professor of History and Philosophy of Science and of Jewish Studies, University of Pittsburgh [Emeritus]
  • Richard Holton Pierce

    Three demotic papyri in the Brooklyn Museum – Egyptology
    Year Awarded 1963
    Job Placement Professor of Egyptology, Department of Greek, Latin and Egyptology, University of Bergen, Norway {Emeritus]
  • William Duane Stahlman

    The astronomical tables of Codex Vaticanus graecus 1291 – History of Mathematics
    Year Awarded 1960
    Job Placement Professor of History of Science, University of Wisconsin, Madison [deceased]
  • Caroline Nestmann Peck

    Some decorated tombs of the first intermediate period at Naga ed-Der – Egyptology
    Year Awarded 1958
    Job Placement Teaching Associate in Egyptology, Brown University [deceased]
  • Asger Hartvig Aaboe

    On Babylonian planetary theories – History of Mathematics
    Year Awarded 1957
    Job Placement Professor of the History of Science and Medicine, Yale University [deceased]