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Vicky Almansa's Class Featured by Graduate School

Long before the spring semester transitioned to remote learning, doctoral student Victoria Almansa-Villatoro had developed and implemented Brown’s first online Egyptology course for undergraduates.

She was motivated by an interest in continuing to participate in archaeological excavations at the MenkaureValley Temple in Giza, Egypt, while also working to fulfill her teaching responsibility to undergraduates at Brown. Thus EGYT 0500, The Pyramids in Context: Archaeology of Life and Religion of Death in Old Kingdom Egypt, became an online course from the start.  

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Vicky Almansa: Vicky Almansa at Giza, Egypt
Vicky Almansa:Vicky Almansa at Giza, Egypt

“I was provided with a lot of guidance and support, and I grew even more excited about the idea of teaching remotely about the Old Kingdom pyramids while literally seeing them from my room’s window,” says Almansa-Villatoro.